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ROM Communications Inc. (ROM) is a value added Internet Technology company focusing on web to wireless technology providing low cost high tech monitoring, tracking and remote control solutions for commercial, industrial and consumer applications.

Initially conceived as a R&D division of Total Telcom Inc. in 1998, ROM (an acronym for "Remote Orbital Monitoring") developed applications for the Environmental Services Industry using new wireless communication technologies such as Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites. This research led to the development of a communication architecture that would interface Low Cost "Wireless Data Packet" Technology to the Internet for real-world applications. ROM was incorporated in 1999 and has made these services available for industrial applications on a limited basis.

Products and services are based on the Corporations proprietary hardware and software platforms which incorporate various wireless satellite and cellular communications managed by the end user through the Internet.

Applications include Remote Monitoring, Tracking, Control, Data Retrieval and Asset/Product management. While these concepts are not new and many are commercially available today, the technology presently being used is expensive, complicated and reserved for large corporations and industries. ROM's initiatives with new wireless technologies coupled with an Internet based management system creates a whole new market for these applications.