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Remote Irrigation Monitoring

Product: EnviroWatch Irrigation Flow Metering (IFM-001)
Communications Options: Cellular or Satellite
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Water is an important limited resource used in many aspects of life from direct consumption to food production. ROM Communications offers solutions to assist agricultural or scientific communities in managing this precious resource.

Metering Solution

ROM can interface to various flow meters such as McCrometer or MACE meters to track water consumption, inflow, and outflow.  Excessive usage or evaporation can be detected and problem areas can be identified.

The EnviroWatch system is typically installed in a NEMA enclosure with batteries and a solar charging package.


Data is collected and transmitted daily, hourly, or at a more frequent rate based on the desired data collection and power consumption needs. It can also be configured to transmit at a more frequent rate if a condition is met (such as a high flow period).

Data can be transmitted using either a GPRS or CDMA cellular system if the system will be located within range of a cellular tower, or by using the Iridium satellite network anywhere.

Designed to meet your needs

ROM Communications uses our EnviroWatch hardware platform in irrigation and water flow applications. In addition to flow monitoring, the telemetry package can be attached to other sensors such as soil moisture probes to determine the effectiveness of irrigation.

The EnviroWatch system is designed for low power battery installs. A device will typically stay in a low power state until a pre-determined time when it will connect to the communications network to transmit the current state of the selected inputs. Over-air configuration of the device is available to select transmitted data registers or to specify transmission frequency.

ROM Communications has experience with a wide variety of environmental or monitoring sensors and can recommend devices and power sources for your application.