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Remote Down Hole Instrumentation

ROM Communications has experience in remotely monitoring down-hole instrumentation such as temperature, pressure, aquifer levels, observation wells, or pump controls.

Remotely monitoring down-hole instrumentation is an effective way to detect or prevent problems early, such as detecting low fluid levels to prevent pump burnout, or to monitor pressure or temperature to gauge the effectiveness of thermal or steam processes.

ROM's network has a rapid SMS, email, and voice alert system to notify support personnel if sensors report an event condition. Detecting and responding to problems quickly is key to protecting expensive equipment.


The benefits of a remote solution are:


Using the Iridium satellite network, the EnviroWatch or MicroCom remote telemetry systems can be installed anywhere. ROM Communications has experience designing and developing remote power and communications systems in the harshest weather conditions.

Please contact our sales team to discuss your remote monitoring needs.