ROM Communications Inc

EnviroWatch Remote Telemetry

Product: EnviroWatch Remote Telemetry (EV-001)
Communications Options: Cellular or Satellite
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ROM Communications has developed the EnviroWatch series of devices to provide data acquisition for a large variety of environmental tracking or study applications.

The EnviroWatch interface can be attached to many different sensors or probes to transmit the data important to your needs to a web interface, without requiring frequent on-site visits to retrieve.

Standard Features:

The EnviroWatch Remote Telemetry system can be equipped with either a cellular modem when the monitoring is performed within a coverage area, or can be connected to the Iridium satellite network for use anywhere on the globe.

Optionally Available Features:

Customization of the firmware to retrieve data via the serial ports is available for a fee or for larger quantity orders.

Typical Usage

The EnviroWatch system is designed for low power battery installs. A device will typically stay in a low power state until a pre-determined time when it will connect to the communications network to transmit the current state of the selected inputs. Over-air configuration of the device is available to select transmitted data registers or to specify transmission frequency.

ROM Communications has experience with a wide variety of environmental or monitoring sensors and can recommend devices and power sources for your application.