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HVAC/R - Heating, Ventilations, A/C, Refrigeration

ROM's Web to Wireless technology enables you to cost effectively monitor your remote assets from your PC. From oil pipelines to gas wellheads, from utility meters to HVAC equipment, ROM's Web to Wireless technology can provide the information you need to operate your business more effectively.

ROM Communications uses both cellular and satellite technology to provide service across Canada, the United States, and beyond. With Iridium satellite technology, ROM's monitoring solutions can be provided anywhere in the world.


The HVAC/R monitoring solution is a cost-effective high-tech wireless monitoring solution designed for Remote Data Retrieval and Notification and Remote Control of mechanical equipment used in the HVAC/R industry and to alert owners, service contractors and facility managers of failures and conditions of the equipment.

The HVAC/R industry requires a cost effect means of monitoring and retrieving data 7 x 24 hours from their mechanical equipment. Utilizing Web to Wireless technology owners, service contractors and facility managers can access current operating levels, maintenance schedules, monthly operational reports and operating history analysis.

The HVAC/R monitoring solution enables HVAC/R contractors to provide significantly improved customer service via drastically shortened response times

The HVAC/R monitoring solution connects to sensors installed on HVAC/R equipment. When any data measurement falls outside the user-established operating parameters, the MicroCom system automatically sends an event notification to the ROC (ROM Operations Centre). Then, following a pre-determined protocol the ROC sends failure or monitoring information with the unit’s location and status directly to designated communication device and/or repair personnel.

Designed to meet your needs

The ROM Network was designed with an open architecture allowing the end users to apply Web to Wireless technology to many applications. ROM's hardware solutions can easily be retrofitted to almost any monitoring, measuring and sensing equipment. Along with ROM's technical staff, end users will be able to customize our Web to Wireless technology to meet even the most challenging problems at hand.

Both the EnviroWatch and MicroCom Remote Telemetry solutions can be configured to access MODBUS based systems, or can be retrofitted to connect to virtually any sensor or communications protocol. Please contact our sales team so we can match our products to your needs.