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Water Quality Monitoring

Product: Water Quality Monitor
Communications Options: Cellular or Satellite
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ROM Communications has developed the EnviroWatch series of devices to provide data acquisition for a large variety of environmental monitoring or study applications, including water quality monitoring.

The EnviroWatch interface can be attached to many different sensors or probes to transmit the data important to your needs to a web interface, without requiring frequent on-site visits to retrieve.

ROM Communication uses a variety of water quality sensors, including In-Situ TROLL probes and PT2X sensors. Properties such as turbidity, conductivity, level, and pressure can be monitored and used for alarm triggering.

Typical Installation

The EnviroWatch system is designed for low power battery installs. A device will typically stay in a low power state until a pre-determined time when it will connect to the communications network to transmit the current state of the selected inputs. Over-air configuration of the device is available to select transmitted data registers or to specify transmission frequency.

Installations may include solar panels, NEMA enclosures, or other accessories required to meet your monitoring needs.

ROM Communications has experience with a wide variety of environmental or monitoring sensors and can recommend devices and power sources for your application.


Data is transmitted wirelessly to ROM communication's data center using either cellular technology or the Iridium satellite network and is displayed on a web interface. Additional features include voice and SMS alarms based on returned values, and report and graph generating.

Data sampling can be configured for specific intervals and can enter a more frequent data collection mode by setting an "alarm" value on one of the parameters. Configuration of the device can be done through a direct connection to the system, or through a web interface to send over-air commands.