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Utility Monitoring Solutions

ROM Communications has interfacing solutions for power, water and gas monitoring/metering systems, including building automation equipment. By monitoring a building's complete energy consumption system, ROM can help your company eliminate inefficient power usage and detect peak power consumption times to identify where the most energy savings can be made.

Power Monitoring

ROM's power monitoring solution can interface with many industry standard smart power meters, including modbus based power meters and ION power meter systems. ROM Communications can provide assistance in selecting an appropriate metering system for your need, or interface to an existing power system.

Additionally, ROM Communications is able to monitor power fault systems to detect power failures or power spike problems.

Fuel Monitoring

A complete power metering system needs to factor heating fuel in addition to electrical power consumption. By using pulse counters, the full power consumption picture can be calculated. Fuel meters can also be used to verify utility billing.

Designed to meet your needs

ROM's hardware systems are designed with an open architecture allowing the end users to apply web to wireless technology to many applications. The system can easily be retrofitted to almost any monitoring, measuring and sensing equipment. Along with ROM's technical staff, end users will be able to customize our web to wireless technology to meet even the most challenging problems at hand.