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Fleet Management

The ROMTraX Fleet Management solution provides interaction, protection and manageability, simply and cost effectively. Customers will be able to access data about their mobile assets from any location with web access at any time. The complete solution combines a ROMTraX GPS tracking system with a handheld PDA user interface.

ROM's ROMTraX system utilizes Web to Wireless technology to keep track of where the mobile asset is, what speed it is traveling, and records and reports additional vital information. By pre-selecting parameters, clients can choose the circumstances under which a vehicle will report.

Affordable ROMTraX technology is what ROM brings to market, allowing customers other then large corporations to justify the purchase of such technologies.

Work Alone

With legislation and safety considerations changing, the need for work-alone compliance solutions is growing. ROM Communications has developed a work-alone package that can be integrated into fleet vehicles to aid in the safety of employees. The ROMTraX Fleet Management solution provides an all-in-one fleet management, work-alone, and driver log compliance package.

Global Coverage

The ROMTraX fleet system uses the Iridium satellite network to provide tracking or monitoring in even the most remote areas.

Heavy Equipment

Utilizing Web to Wireless technology the heavy equipment industry can know exactly where their assets are as well as how long it has been moving or stationary. In addition a wide variety of sensors can be monitored. Armed with this specific information customers can proactively manage their assets to ensure greater reliability and profitability.

Better Fleet Management

Improved Fleet Maintenance

Better Security

Easy Installation

The ROMTraX solution is an all-in-one package that is magnetically mounted to your vehicles. Installation simply requires a power connection.