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Access to accurate and timely data is an important part of any project or scientific study. ROM Communications specializes in transferring data wirelessly from remote locations via cellular or satellite networks to eliminate the travel costs of manually retrieving data.


ROM Communications specializes in interfacing with a wide variety of samplers and sensors, and transmitting data and event based alerts wirelessly. ROM Communications uses the Iridium satellite network to provide communication when data is collected beyond the range of cellular networks. By providing global service, climate research data can retrieved frequently without the expense of site visits. Two-way control is available to remotely trigger sampling systems via over-air commands on demand.


Data is sampled and collected on a scheduled interval and can be changed over-air if desired. The system can also be configured to retrieve data more frequently based on selected conditions (such as a parameter being outside of an expected range).

ROM Communications' system can also trigger voice, SMS, or email alerts based on selected alarm conditions.

Designed to meet your needs

ROM Communications uses our EnviroWatch hardware platform for water and environmental applications. For more information, look at our Water Quality Monitoring package.

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