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Work-Alone Solutions

In recent times, safety legislation has become stricter on requirements for protect employees working alone. One accepted method of monitoring employees working alone is to use an electronics monitoring system. The ROMTraX Fleet Management package includes work-alone and fleet tracking features that meet your needs.

Matching Requirements

To meet legislated work and safety needs, the ROMTraX work-alone solution has the following features:

Additionally, the ROMTraX work-alone device has a relay output for connection to the vehicle's horn to provide an audible warning to the system's user when the hazard timer is close to expiring.

Proactive Monitoring

The ROMTraX solution uses a proactive approach to monitoring as opposed to using a reactive monitoring solution. Reactive solutions such as personal motion sensors can be susceptible to interference or false negative detection. The ROMTraX solution uses a proactive approach requiring positive feedback from the monitored person to ensure their safety.

All-In-One Solution

The ROMTraX system includes a fully featured fleet management system. In addition to work-alone, the system features an electronic driver log application and vehicle inspection pre-post trip checklist system to help manage other possible compliance requirements. It also includes a geofence security system to prevent unauthorized use, a web interface to show your fleet's locations, and can also be used with navigation software.

Designed to meet your needs

The ROMTraX management system can be customized to meet your company's exact needs. Please contact our sales team to help develop your exact system requirements.