ROM Communications Inc

Remote Gas Flow Monitoring

Product: Remote Gas Flow Monitor
Communications Options: Cellular or Satellite


Using the EnviroWatch platform, ROM Communications is able to remotely connect to a wide variety of electronic gas flow meters, such as FloBoss, SCADAPak, ABB meters, or any meter that provides a serial or modbus protocol as its communication method. Additionally, the EnviroWatch system can read values through an analog input.

Using industry standard meters, the remote gas flow monitor system is able to return standard parameters for AGA calculations or to report daily production or flow values.

By using a gas flow monitoring system, field production records can be maintained for reporting or compliance purposes. Additionally, equipment problems or failures can be detected to reduce costly downtime.


ROM Communications uses the Iridium satellite network's 100% global coverage to provide remote communications anywhere it is needed. By remotely metering gas flow, travel expenses and operator site visits can be reduced.

The remote telemetry package is typically installed in a weatherproof NEMA 4 enclosure and securely mounted on a post or existing site facility.  A solar panel and battery system can be provided where power is not readily available.

Designed to meet your needs

ROM Communications uses our MicroCom or EnviroWatch hardware platforms in modbus or metering systems. In addition to flow monitoring, the telemetry package can be attached to other types of sensors to provide any other data required for your remote needs.

Please contact our sales team to discuss your remote telemetry needs.