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Vessel Tracking Solutions

The ROMTraX tracking solution is a self-contained, easy to install package that requires only a power connection and clear view of the sky to operate. In additional to vehicle tracking, the ROMTraX fleet solution can also be applied to water-based applications.

Houseboat Rentals

In a rental scenario, the ROMTraX system adds value to your rental equipment while adding safety and security to your assets.

The ROMTraX system transmits data using the Iridium satellite network, allowing for tracking globally, including in remote areas without cell phone coverage. The system reports its position on a pre-defined schedule when the vessel is in motion. By knowing the exact location of a vessel, staff can be easily directed it for repairs or emergencies.

In addition to current location, the ROMTraX system can be connected to ship-board sensors to report on battery, fuel, or other systems to allow for remote system diagnostics.

Vessels can be monitored for regulation compliance, such as travel boundaries or travel time restrictions. Notifications can be generated and sent to company personnel by email, SMS, or voice calls if a vessel exists a boundary or travels during inappropriate times (such as night if restrictions exist).

Commercial Fishing

ROM Communications has updated and certified its vessel monitoring system (VMS) currently in use for commercial fishing compliance to use the ROMTraX hardware platform. In addition to compliance tracking and compatibility with the catch report e-log software, the ROMTraX system is also compatible with short satellite email messaging. The VMS-9601 can be purchased at our web store.

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