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Remote Pumpjack Monitor

ROM Communications specializes in remote monitoring solutions, including monitoring pumpjack operations.

Data is transmitted from the pumpjack site to ROM's online web interface, which includes features such as data graphing, alarming, and reporting. Using the web portal interface, data from multiple sites can be compared. The primary benefits are:

Optimize Production

From the comfort of an internet connected office, an operator can view the status of an entire network of pumpjack operations with a single click. Runtime and current status can be determined and recorded.

Designed to meet your needs

ROM's wireless telemetry systems use the Iridium satellite network to allow monitors to be deployed in the most remote locations, or use cellular networks when within cell network range. If desired, other sensor packages can be monitored in addition to the pumpjack to meet your exact needs. Please contact our sales department for more information.