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ROM Communications has a wide variety of vehicle tracking solutions using our ROMTraX platform. Using GPS technology with sensitive SiRF III receivers for positioning and the Iridium satellite network for data transmissions, The ROMTraX solution can provide accurate tracking of your vehicles or assets globally.

Fisheries Vessel Monitoring (VMS)

ROM Communications has a Fisheries & Oceans Canada approved vessel monitoring system for meeting commercial fishing license compliance requirements. The system also allows short data messaging by email.

Fleet Tracking

ROM Communications has a complete fleet management solution that features position reporting, virtual odometer, and speed tracking to monitor the utilization of your fleet. The system can also measure equipment utilization (engine runtime / PTO).

Work Alone

The ROMTraX solution can be expanded to include a Work Alone and driver log/compliance package. By adding the ROM Companion touch-screen interface to the system, features such as short satellite messaging, timer check-in, and electronic driver logs can be utilized.


The ROMTraX platform can be modified to meet your exact needs. Please contact our sales department for more information.