ROM Communications Inc

Remote Weather Stations

Product: Remote Weather Station (RWS-001)
Communications Options: Cellular or Satellite
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ROM Communications provides a complete weather station solution using Davis Weather stations. Data is transmitted on a hourly or daily basis to provide an accurate picture of the current weather trends.

The Davis Vantage Pro weather system includes Min/Max temperature, barometer, and humidity.

Additional sensors are available, including solar radiation, rain counters, wind speed, and soil moisture analyzers.

The weather station solution is available in both cellular (where signal is sufficient) and Iridium satellite based data transmission packages (worldwide).

Typical Installation

The Weather Station hardware is contained in a NEMA 4 enclosure to provide protection against harsh weather conditions. Typical installation is through attachment to either a permanently mounted post or a secured tripod mount.

Depending on the installed environment, the device is powered by a 20 - 30 Amp-hour battery and is charged using a 16 - 20 Watt solar panel and charge controller.


Data is displayed though a web interface with customizable data layouts and graphs. Optionally, data can be configured to be retrieved though a FTP interface for automated loading into proprietary or custom data analysis applications.

Data can be configured for collection on a daily or hourly basis.


The Remote Weather Station package is available in both Cellular and Satellite editions. In addition to the hardware below, a data package is required.

ROM can provide assistance with installation and additional required hardware by request.