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Climate Studies

Collecting climate data can be a highly time consuming task, especially when data needs to be collected from regions that require hours of travel or even air/helicopter travel to retrieve. ROM Communications specializes in low power wireless communication over cellular or satellite networks.

Data Collection

ROM has experience collecting data from various sensors, including climate stations, soil moisture analyzers, and rainfall counters  Data is transmitted over wireless networks and is collected in ROM's data center. Data is accessed through ROM's secured web-based interface, including graphing, reporting, and email/SMS/voice alarms.

ROM Communications also has a Weather Station package that includes temperature, rainfall, and other climate related sensors.


ROM Communications uses cellular networks and the Iridium satellite network to provide global communication coverage.  By providing global service, climate research data can retrieved frequently without the expense of site visits.

Designed to meet your needs

ROM Communications has experience with a wide variety of environmental and monitoring sensors, and can recommend or design solutions for your specific application. The EnviroWatch system is designed for low power operation requirements.