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The ROM Network was designed with an open architecture allowing the end users to apply Web to Wireless technology to many applications. ROM's hardware solutions can easily be retrofitted to almost any monitoring, measuring and sensing equipment. Along with ROM's technical staff, end users will be able to customize our Web to Wireless technology to meet even the most challenging problems at hand.


Much of oil and natural gas production occurs largely in remote areas far beyond the economic range of wired or terrestrially based wireless communication. Key to the operation of these production sites are production wells utilizing various pumps and recovery facilities that extract, collect, and transfer the oil and gas to transmission pipelines. The malfunction or failure of one of these key components is a critical event for the production operator. The economic loss can be measured in thousands of dollars of down time. There is high value in reducing the duration of an outage. If "on-site" service is required, the data can be analyzed by the operator to determine required repair items and equipment. Accurate diagnosis of the failure can greatly increase the efficiency of the response.  

ROM's MicroCom or EnviroWatch systems can be configured or retrofitted to monitor virtually any type of sensor or equipment, getting the information to you when you need it most.

ROM's Web to Wireless technology is a cost-effective, high-tech wireless monitoring solution designed for remote data retrieval and notification from oil, gas, and pipeline facilities, as well as chemical and tank farm installations.

Asset Tracking

Employees and equipment are essential assets to the success of any business. Remote monitoring allows a business to:

Designed to meet your needs

Improved productivity, less equipment downtime, faster and more accurate data collection are some of the advantages that ROM's monitoring solutions bring to the resource industry. Web to wireless solutions provide opportunities to the oil and gas industry to reduce costs and improve the bottom line.

ROM Communications uses both cellular networks and the Iridium satellite network to provide reliable global coverage for even the most remote installations.

The ROMTraX Fleet Management system has been designed with the Oil & Gas industry in mind to create a solution for all of your asset tracking, and monitoring needs.