ROM Communications Inc
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Web to Wireless Technology

ROM provides Wireless Monitoring, Tracking, Remote Control, Data Retrieval and Asset Management Solutions that are managed by the customer through the Internet. The interaction, accessibility and overall control of these applications have never been this easy or affordable.

Low Cost

ROM’s approach of providing low cost high tech solutions means an initial low investment with reasonable operating charges (comparable to operating a cellular phone). ROM affordability makes Web to Wireless technology not only available for Commercial and Industrial applications but opens doors for small businesses and consumers to take advantage of this technology.

No Capital Infrastructure Required

ROM removes the burden from our customers of maintaining dedicated servers, databases, backup systems and specialized software (only a web browser is required). Interaction by customers with their own web pages provides the ability to control operating parameters and alarm points, examine and retrieve data, and control remote devices.


Recognizing that people are not always “Online” and that many people may have limited or no access to the Internet, ROM’s products and services do not require Internet access to be beneficial to those who are "cyberly" challenged. Once set up, the user’s web page will interact with the primary server and deliver notification, reports and exception events directly to the user by e-mail, pager, fax, cellular and/or telephone.