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MicroCom Remote Telemetry

Product: MicroCom Remote Telemetry (MRT-001)
Communications Options: Cellular
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ROM’s MicroCom Remote Telemetry device is a combination of proprietary hardware and software, which provides "web to wireless" low cost high tech remote monitoring, tracking, data retrieval, and asset management for commercial, industrial, small business and consumer applications.

The MicroCom Remote Telemetry device is compact and incorporates a wireless communication device, a small but powerful microcomputer and various Inputs / Outputs. The Industrial version also includes a variable input DC-DC converter, battery back up and a charging system. The MicroCom Software controls how the application is interfaced to the communication device, this intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) easily guides the user through the set up process. Each Input and Output is individually configured to meet the needs of the application. Parameters such as alarm conditions, high and low limits and timing intervals are easily entered in the GUI. MicroCom software is available for Windows XP systems.

Data is processed by ROM's Operations Centre (ROC) and distributed through the Internet to the end-user. In doing the processing at the server, low cost sensors can be used in place of "smart" sensors or high cost data loggers. The raw data is processed at the server end, allowing the end-user to adjust filtering and co-efficient from a web interface.

Standard Features:

Optional Features:

Typical Usage

The MicroCom Remote Telemetry system is designed to interface with peripherals such as GPS receivers, measuring instruments, various sensors and electrical mechanical devices. It is able to send or receive commands originating from the Internet or the application based on the user-defined configuration.

Designed to meet your needs

The MicroCom system was designed with an open architecture allowing the end users to apply web to wireless technology to many applications. The MicroCom system can easily be retrofitted to almost any monitoring, measuring and sensing equipment. Along with ROM's technical staff, end users will be able to customize our web to wireless technology to meet even the most challenging problems at hand.